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Enlightened IT, a Leeds-based IT support company with over 35 years of IT Support experience with some of the largest organisations in the UK. We are a dedicated, hard working, reliable and close-knit team who’s forward thinking and proactive attitude have made us stand out from the crowd on a number of occasions.

With a background in both the Financial and Military sectors, our primary aim is the absolute security of any business or personal data while maintaining its accessibility so as to not disrupt procedures, goals and tasks. We specialise in Business Consultation, Desktop and Server Support, Remote Server Support and Cloud computing – as Microsoft partners we’re able to offer their cutting-edge services and products. At the other end of the spectrum, most of our team are Linux and Windows administrators which makes us prime candidates to support your servers wherever they are in the world.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 0113 827 2120 or email info@enlightenedit.co.uk.

Enlightened IT
Enlightened IT
Enlightened IT


Enlightened IT Services Limited
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Tel: +44 1138272120
Email: info@enlightenedit.co.uk

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